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Lauren of Palm Springs

Rush Service (1-2 week delivery)

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Rush Orders are currently available for the following caftans: The Glass Slipper, The Morticia Vibez, Ariel Vibez, The Aphrodite, The Heart of the Ocean, The Heart Breaker, Pink Flamingo, Endora Vibez, Liz Vibez, Green Gables, The Harlow, Rhapsody in Blue. 

This MUST be purchased with the caftan you want within 1-2 week. This service is only offered for the caftans listed on this page and cannot be done for the others. This ONLY covers the rush of one caftan. If multiple are needed rushed you will need to pay the fee for each caftan. 

The fee includes the rush shipping, so please select free shipping when checking out. 

Any orders of this listing without a caftan attached to it will be cancelled. Additionally purchase of this fee with caftans not listed on this page will cause the fee to be refunded.