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Lauren of Palm Springs

“The Moody Blue” Caftan

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 Is it hard to figure out, what you're all about? Well, then this is the perfect caftan for a complicated lady! 

Made from powder periwinkle blue rayon crepé, it has 2 way stretch, a deep V neckline, U shaped hem line, and FOUR layers of ostrich feather trim. Live your best 60's dream while floating around in this number!




51 inches wide (x2=102 around)

49 Long (Dress)/ 53 long (including feathers) 


54 inches wide (x2=108 around)

49 Long (Dress) / 53 long (with feathers) 

*Choose the correct bust size use this chart


Put the caftan on, leave your hands inside and pull the two straps at the front inside around your back and tie, pull your arms through the sleeves and you're good to go!

**Ships with 4-6 weeks.

 Order fulfillments do not include shipping transit time.

CAFTAN CARE: Rayon crepe: spot clean with Oxy Clean or whatever spot cleaner you like. As for the feathers...leave em alone!