Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend Check List

May 4, 2021

Heading out of town for a Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend and don't know what to bring? I can help you, let's go!

Palm Springs is a super popular destination for this celebration, but so is Nashville, Miami, Vegas, Cabo. I'll make this list as much of a catch as as possible, but feel free to add a cowboy hat if the location calls for it!

And EVERYTHING is worthy of multiple photo shoots for the gram! 


Understandably, not everyone wants to parade around town in a "bridesmaid" shirt while wearing a penis necklace. A great solution is a campy caftan in a theme the whole gang loves and will actually be happy to wear after this trip! "The Lanai Lounger," "The Happy Daze" or "The What A Drag" would be fabulous for group photos at brunch or by the pool.  PRO-TIP: If you do one of those "bar bike" tours, wear some yoga pants underneath!



Obviously, SPF and a pina colada are a must! Pick something fun, bright and cheerful. Any of my jersey caftans are perfect, plus you can toss them in the wash afterwards. 

Night Out

In the words of the great sage, Lady Britney Spears, "All eyes on me." All of the LUXE caftans will ensure everyone is looking at you and regretting their basic fashion choices. These fabrics look amazing at golden hour, under twinkle lights for evening cocktails poolside or dancing under a disco ball. All of these fabrics are deadstock, so they really are one of kind. (If you and your gang want a special color, email me:, and I am happy to make something magical for you!)

Also, if you forget your accessories, you can totally rock these with just a great smile OR feel free to load on the rings!

The Next Morning

Someone, or everyone, in the group is going to go too hard one night. It's inevitable. Any of the satin caftans feel very soothing on the skin while you wait for your venti iced skinny vanilla latte that you NEED before you can even make it to brunch. The satin numbers are light, flowy and kitchy. Pair with oversized sunglasses, chunky jewelry, flat sandals and some ibuprofen. 



***If you need a set of caftans for your trip, feel free to email me for a custom quote: