Why should you wait for vacation or a special event to dress how you want? You are the MAIN CHARACTER of your life! Lauren of Palm Springs is inspired by the glamourous Old Hollywood gals (and some fellas) who liberated themselves from girdles and uncomfortable clothes. They made flowy outfits fabulous by adding ALOT of glitz and pom poms. Think Auntie Mame, Agnes Moorehead, Liberace, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Swanson, Sue Mengers and probably your own Grandma. 

In our clothes, all eyes will be on you and everyone in the room will wish they had the nerve to be as free and fabulous as you! 

Our motto is "Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!" We are not believers in minimalism! 

Our pieces are made for everyBODY, perfect for he, she or they! Many of our pieces are limited edition because they are made from vintage fabric and they are 100% handmade for especially for you, dahlink!

 Cheers to being the most glamourous and luxe version of you! 


Lauren of Palm Springs