Fun Resort Looks

May 28, 2021

Everyone is ready to get out and about. Let me give you some options for your vacation looks that will make you stand out from the crowd! 

Sheer is my favorite option because it's so versatile. All of my sheer caftans (made from silk, chiffon or lame) come with a detachable liner so you can wear it as your main outfit OR you can wear the sheer piece (the "float") over a bathing suit and look STUNNING for golden hour cocktails by the pool!

"The Moonflower" worn as a coverup.
worn with a liner. 
"The Lovely In Lavender" is made from metallic silk and in STUNNING. 
But, if you want sheer and want to knock everyone's socks off...
"The Sunset" (which comes in four colors. Sunset:Coral & Gold, Sunkissed: Orange & Gold, Sangria: Berry & Gold, and Talk of the Town: Black & Gold)
If you're looking for some sequins, I can help you out! "The Ombre The Rainbow" is so much fun to wear, keep an eye on it because your friends will "borrow" it and you'll never see it again!
As always, if there is something you'd like especially made for a resort wedding or get away, drop me a line: and I'm happy to help plan and make something super fun for you!