Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch: How To Dress For Brunch

Jan 11, 2021

"Here's to the ladies who lunch—
Everybody laugh
Lounging in their caftans
And planning a brunch
On their own behalf"

I think the majority of us feel like the photo above when we roll into brunch. Here are some tips to look cute at brunch with minimal effort. 


Obvi! I normally go with a 100% cotton caftan or, if it's extremely hot, a like a nice satin caftan. Pros of wearing a caftan to brunch is: you look more rich, glam and chic than someone who's sucking it in wearing a sports bra & leggings. This also makes it easier to enjoy another mimosa or eat an extra slice of avocado & burrata toast! 

Over Sized Sunglasses

She, he or they, this is a MUST! The shades don't have to be dark, if they are tan or even pink or blue, keep them on the entire time you're at brunch. Grab a nice pair at a vintage shop (70s-80s have the best large shades) Old Hollywood broads would use this as a way not have to do their eye make up. Lipstick is an easy addition but don't forget your sunscreen! (Extra tip: Sun Bum Sunscreen has a nice coconut scent, just incase you forget a spritz of your favorite perfume.)


Chunky Jewelry

Feel free to load it up. You don't need this part, but if you're NOT running late, go for it! Stacks of bracelets and chunky gold or colorful beaded necklaces really put your look over the top! Extra points for a brooch!  

Winter Brunch

A nice swing coat is always a good idea, but if you have VINTAGE fur, toss it over your shoulder and strut into the restaurant. Vintage fur is easily found at an antique store or in a cedar trunk at your Grandma's house!