PRIDE Check List

May 12, 2021

 World Pride is always in June, Palm Springs Pride is always in November. Any way you slice it, you're going to be multiple ways of course, but definitely temperature wise! Let me help you pack so can stand out, look amazing and be the stand out you already are!


After letting it all hang out in the pool, you might want to toss on something to cover up while you grab a bite and a pina colada. The Go Go Short Caftan in organic cotton knit is perfect for this occasion. It's super soft and you could toss it over your swimsuit and head out for a tiki bar crawl in no time flat!


Night Out

Everyone else will be playing it safe in a tshirt and jeans. Stand out in a LUXE caftan made from deadstock fabric. No one else will be wearing your outfit and since the fabric is metallic, the lights of the disco ball will glitter off you as you dance the night away. If you'd like a certain color and it's not on the site, email: and I'm happy to find something extra special for you!


Maybe you hit it too hard the night before, we've all been there, and just want some coffee and a breakfast burrito before you can function as a human being...well toss on a Satin caftan and some oversized sunglasses and head to brunch. The Satin caftans are super soft and flowy and feel great when the rest of you doesn't.  

Drag Shows

Sometime this can be combined with Brunch, but the "What A Drag" 100% organic cotton caftan is the PERFECT outfit. Hey, you can even wear this if you're performing in the show!


Pride Parade

Don't want to wear a gigantic rainbow outfit but you do want something that says...friend of Dorothy? The Happy Dayz 100% organic cotton knit caftan is PERFECT! It comes in 3 lengths, the Go Go Short, Mid and full length. 


If you want a special CAMPY CAFTAN or LUXE caftan made, I would LOVE to make you something special, email me, I would LOVE to chat with you.