Golden Girls Summer!!

May 20, 2021
I love the Golden Girls and if you're here, I bet you do too. This tweet has been sent to me a TON...
And I understand why! 

Let me help you find the right looks for your Golden Girls Summer! 



There are a few options for know she's a girl who likes options! "The Green With Envy" Satin Caftan would be the one she would wear around the house in the mornings or for a late night cheesecake, because that pattern is similar to her wallpaper.

On a date with one of her many gentlemen callers, she would wear any of the LUXE deadstock caftans. I'm sure she would want something totally custom made for her, so feel free to email me: to make you something custom like Blanche as well. 

And of course Blanche would wear "The Blache". She's a sumptuous Southern peach and loves to show off her subtle bosoms. It's extra flowy...just in case she has too many cheesecakes.   



We all know Rose would wear a caftan with her face all over and think it was the cutest thing in the whole entire world. So, for sure, she'd be wearing "The Lainai Lounger." 



Dorothy could go one of two ways, a flowy chiffon so she could walk out to the lanai in bare feet like the salt of the earth mother she is or something with a little glitz and glamour, like "The Lovely In Lavender.


Similar to Dorothy, Sophia could go for a no frills approach and chose a cotton number, but when Sophia went wild, she would definitely ball out! I think she would wear "The Purple Room" It's lightweight, shimmery and has a sweet little flowers dotted all over the fabric...which I think Sophia would approve of!