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Lauren of Palm Springs

The "Heartbreaker" Caftan

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Break some hearts, get some numbers, and make the boys shout, “give me your love,” in this stunning caftan. You will make your ex’s jaw hit the floor when he sees you in this. Make him regret ever kicking you to the curb. Not that you care, you’ve moved on to “bigger” and better things. 😉


This caftan is machine washable which ensures it will be easy to clean after a night out on the town. So steal the spotlight and try not to make the boys cry too hard.

 In Full length and cocktail length. 

*Choose the correct bust size, that is the variant that will be changing the most. 

Length: 54 Inches

Width: 51 (x2=102 inches)

Sent in 4-6 weeks, does not include ship time.

CARE: Wash Cold, Dryer ok.