Baubles, Bangles & Beads: How to Accessorize WITHOUT Looking Cheesy

Jan 31, 2021

You don't have to dress like you're cosplaying Mrs. Mazel or Mad Men to wear vintage inspired're certainly welcome to do that, if you want, but let me help you mix and match some things you might already have to accessorize your new caftan. 

Chunky Beads

They can all be the same color, or different colors. You're the boss! These are SUPER easy to find as well. Your Grandma or Aunt's closet...and any era will do, 1920s, 1960, 70s or 80s. Tip: If they smell like smoke, hot water and dish soap...possibly a few rows of that and you should be able to bring them back to life. 

Staked Bracelets 

They do not need to be real gold. Hop on ebay or a vintage shop....or again, raid Grandma's stash. Hell, got some old Alex & Ali bangles? Those work as well! The clangier the better!


Wicker is always great in a resort setting. They go best with any of our 100% Organic Cotton Caftans. Or if you want to be crafty, grab a satin clutch from TJ Maxx and glue plastic jewel from the craft store to them...or even beads! That would look amazing with "The Parker."

Sandals or Flats

Why let your body be comfortable and torture your feet with heels? Just wear sandals or flats...if you're in a LUXE Caftan, gold would be a perfect match. Or even satin or velvet slippers. Birdies makes some great ones!


They're for everyone now! You can wear them on a blazer (above) on your cuffs, or on your turban. You can even use cool enamel pins as brooches. 



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