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Lauren of Palm Springs

The “Pink Flamingo” Caftan

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Channel your inner Elle and conquer the world in this vibrant pink caftan. Some people say to wear pink on Wednesdays, but our Queen rocked it all the time. You’ll radiate confidence while pulling off the perfect bend and snap in this shiny pink number. Your friends will marvel but you’ll just say,  “What? Like, it’s hard?” 💁🏼‍♀️


This caftan is machine washable which ensures it will be easy to clean after kicking ass and taking names. So have fun, live your dreams, and always ask yourself, “what would Elle do?”

 Available in Deep V (pictured) or Mid V (for more coverage) 

*choose the correct bust size, the will be the variant that changes the most


Length: 54 Inches

Width: 51 (x2=102 inches)


Length: 45 inches

Width: 51 (x2=102 inches)



Put the caftan on, leave your hands inside and pull the two straps at the front inside around your back and tie, pull your arms through the sleeves and you're good to go!

Sent in 4-6 weeks, does not include ship time.

Need your product faster? I offer a rush service of 1-2 week which can be added to your order. purchase it HERE.

CAFTAN CARE: Crinkled Satin. Wash cold, on delicate, (in a garment bag if you have one) dryer ok.