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Lauren of Palm Springs

"The Starlet" Velvet Caftan

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Elevate your presence to red carpet-worthy elegance with 'The Starlet' Velvet Caftan. This exquisite creation, skillfully crafted in opulent champagne velvet, exudes an air of timeless sophistication that commands attention without being overly ostentatious. Its tastefully designed plunging neckline is a subtle nod to classic Hollywood glamour, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression.

Available in Mid V Neckline or Deep V.



Length: 54 Inches

Width: 51 (x2=102 inches)


Length: 45 inches

Width: 51


Measure the widest part of your bust and use this chart to find your perfect fit : 


Put the caftan on, leave your hands inside and pull the two straps at the front inside around your back and tie, pull your arms through the sleeves and you're good to go!

Sent in 4-6 weeks, does not include ship time.

*If you'd like a set made for bachelorette/bachelor party weekends, birthday party favors, etc. I'm happy to do different colored trims and give you a quote for a set of these. Email me at:

Everything is made to order. As soon as you order, we will custom make your piece, then pack it up to ship out to you.  Post presale: Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship.  Order fulfillments do not include shipping transit time.

CAFTAN CARE: Stretch Velvet. There is glitter on the fabric so some fall out is normal at first. Wash cool or warm on delicate, (in a garment bag strongly suggested), machine dry on a low-temperature setting.